Oceanic Flight 815

Whether you are a fan of the TV series LOST or not, you have to admire the clever marketing tactics of its creators and writers. To fuel the flames of anticipation for tomorrow night's season premiere, travel search engine site KAYAK made a one way trip on Oceanic Flight 815 from Sydney, Australia to Los Angeles, California available in search results. Here's what the flight details look like:

Very cool. Those familiar with the show will recognize Oceanic as the airline in the series, Flight 815 as the ill fated plane that crashed on, you guessed it, September 22nd, 2004. A closer look at the price of the flight, taxes/fees, and the flight's duration reveal a sequence of numbers that have served various cryptic purposes on the show.  I heard about this on Sci-Fi Wire, a site that just for the record, I do not frequent very often ;)


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