Hop Off of the Career Track and Travel

I'm inspired by this article I found called, "Why It’s Not Crazy for Working Professionals to Quit Their Jobs and Travel the World." We are persuaded to believe that our lives should play out like this:

1.Graduate high school

2.Go to college

3.Start your career

4.Get married

5.Buy a house

6.Have children

7.Watch them grow up

8.Send them off to college, then to start their careers

9.Become a grandparent

10.Retire, travel, and enjoy life
It's an assembly line mentality applied to human life. This article clears up the old-fashioned misconception that you can't move step 10 up a bit on the 'ol required adult life duties list. And who knows, if you go ahead and go for it, maybe you can just ditch the traditional adult life checklist all together and do your own thing.
Read it now, here.


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